Dealing With Life After a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with a serious and complex disease such as multiple sclerosis can be a very complicated thing to deal with. After you get your diagnosis, you might start wondering what your life will be like, what will change and how you’ll have to adapt to your new health condition.

Emotional health is important when battling any illness, including multiple sclerosis (MS). Despite this, sometimes the benefits of emotional health are overlooked by healthcare providers.

In this documentary from 2014 made by multiplesclerosisinbahrain, learn how MS patients feel about their multiple sclerosis diagnosis, about their treatment, and how they cope with the disease.

Jack Osbourne is also quite open about his personal battle with relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis.

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  1. Mary Holmstrand says:

    I admire the gentleman patient who decided against against taking meds and thus big Pharm and instead trusted his gut instinct and lives a healthy, positive, family and faith filled life!!! Way to go!! Big Pharm and these “DMD” are not the answer. If research can produce nothing but “decoy” drugs to “fake out” your immune system, why are they not finding the root cause!

    • Tim Bossie says:

      Hi Mary! Thank you for your comment and conversation. It is right that for many people pharmaceuticals and DMDs can do more harm than good. With some of the adverse side effects that come with these drugs it is sometimes more frightening to take them than to deal with MS itself. However, there are those who benefit a great deal from natural remedies, positive influences and staying active.

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