11 Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis to Be Aware Of

4. Walking difficulties


Walking difficulties are a result of fatigue, spasticity (muscle tightness and resistance to movement), loss of the sense of balance, and a deficit in sensory nerve impulses.

Recently, Adamas reported positive results in a study of a drug to treat MS patients with walking difficulties.


  1. I am having such time a hard time finding a place with section 8 that is just one level because the stairs are incredibly hard for me and no one wants to take section 8 that is one level what can I do one of my supposed to do how can I live like this

    • If it is possible get a stair lift. I have seen many on Craigslist. The cost to have them installed is very reasonable. Many can be installed by a friend and then have them checked by an installer. I have found people that only install them and not sell them. Best of luck in whatever you do.

  2. I need the most help find a house that is one level home because I am wheelchair-bound and have a lot of trouble living on the second floor if anyone could help me please help

    • Kristin Neyhart says:

      What about the home you’re in now? I’ve got sec8 on my house that I’ve been in for 20yrs♡ I’m also 80-140 miles away from any big city 80 south 140 north but I don’t mind peace and quiet♡.

  3. Samantha Battell says:

    I am looking trials with micro chips I have tried betaceron
    Aubagio I have not had luck with any. I have been doing well however the last 5 yrs my legs have been tired and mind of their own. I know there is a break thru out there but many are to scared to open to public I receive medical thru VA that should say it all . They are protocol not new .I am 49 today and look forward to a vibrant life . My legs unfortunately are not feeling the same. Please let me know of any new trials or procedures that could be a new beginning

    • Faith Lare says:

      I take Ampyra for help with walking. So far it’s been working well for me. I also take Requip for restless leg syndrome which also works well.

      • Michelle says:

        I have been on Gilenya for about 8 years now and have had no new exacerbation’s and it is so much better then having to do the injections. I have had MS now for 30 years and it has been the best med for me since my diagnosis. No side effects for me as well!

  4. Jacquelin says:

    I’m A MS Sufferer. And, I’m Homeless and having a hard time getting help because i can’t work. Some days i can’t even move or walk.It seems no one hears me or see the pain I’m in.

    Hurting in NC.

  5. Shirley A. Nobbs says:

    I woke up one morning with my spine was vibrating intensely. My heart rate was normal, when I managed to get up and I walked around it gradually subsided.

  6. Si says:

    Hi I am 49 and have ms my legs feel really heavy at all time my family have my back but need more help …is gluten free diet something i should try ???

  7. siobhan Valentine says:

    Hi my name is Siobhan valentine. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Long Island New York. 18years ago. I had the best neurologist. with the perfect bedside manner. I’ve been on 17 treatments 18years. I’ve always had the best attitude. I left New York 2 years ago. I was on rituxan when I left New York. I move to Florida. I’ve been 2 8 neurologist throughout the state of Florida. Nobody will help me. So here I sit everyday with no treatment or neurologist. In August of this year I went back to New York to see my neurologist. he did not take my insurance. I got a script in New York. And brought it back to Florida. My primary in Florida sent me for the blood work. It came back that I have PLM. I’ve been trying to get insurance for New York and Florida. Having a real hard time. I even been to Shands Hospital in Gainesville Florida. They almost killed me. if anyone knows what I can do to get a neurologist in the Jacksonville area Florida. Please let me know. I am very low income I make $563 a month on Social Security disability. I had SSI in New York. For $291. Florida took it away from me. My biggest problem is pain. If anyone can help me please let me know. I have freedom insurance mail does not take it thank you

    • Sstrong says:

      Please contact them and ask for assistance. I’m sorry you are having such a difficult time.
      National Multiple Sclerosis Society N Florida Chapter
      8940 Western Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256
      (904) 332-6810

  8. Gretchen Hughes says:

    I had psychomotor seizures as a teenager they resolved. I have IBS, fatique, vision problems, arthritus in knees and swelling, falling,mallofacial pain, rt ear pain,
    Pain in joints, legs

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