Vision Problems in Multiple Sclerosis

Recently, Ian Franks talked about how optic neuritis in MS can be difficult to see. 

In this National MS Society video, learn more about the vision problems that may come from multiple sclerosis such as optic neuritis, double vision (diplopia due to misalignment or INO) and oscillopsia (due to nystagmus).

“Tariq Bhatti, MD, a neuro-ophthalmologist at Duke University Eye Center describes each and their management approaches. ”

Here are 7 tips for a healthier multiple sclerosis life.

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  1. Sylvia Rush says:

    My right eye hasnt moved in 2 yrs. They said Glaucoma and put me on eye drops and my right i will move left, up and down but not right still. They were about do laser surgery but testing my eye movement and decided not to and said the surgery would make me blind in my right eye. And said it wont move ever again.

  2. Jeanette Iuzzolino says:

    about in 1980 I was diagnosed with Vogt Haradas Syndrome and have had numerous reoccurances always treated with Prednisone and it improves. Before being diagnosed with MS I had double vision and a lot of blurry vision/redness in my eye. Is Haradas Syndrome associated with MS?

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