Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue: What You Need to Know


According to a study. fatigue – the most commonly reported symptom in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) – is associated with disease comorbidities such as depression, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, and anxiety.

In this video by the National MS Society, listen to patients talking about their experiences dealing with fatigue. Also, listen to Dr. Benjamin Segal and Dr. Aliza Ben-Zacharia give their medical opinion.

Watch Jack Osbourne’s advice on how to live a healthier multiple sclerosis lifestyle.

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  1. wayne fenton says:

    it seems the medical community has been researching this disease for a hundred years or so and you know absolutely nothing , your medications are a joke the therapys and diagnostics are less than amateur you are no wheres near a cure no more than 50 years ago , every time i ask my ” neurologist ” what can help the reply i get is baclofen thats it, this charade has been going on for over 8 years, no treatments but there might be something in the pipeline , well your pipeline is severely blocked and it looks like the only thing that will unblock it is lots and lots and lots and lots of dollars for BIG PHARMA AND THE NEUROS.

    • Salvatore martino says:

      I see you do not have a clue what is big pharmas objective. They are in business In making money and not a drug to help cure. That would shut them down. As for the neuro doctors they are there to listen and do what pharma tells them. If they do what pharma tell them they will get rewarded with nice holidays in a sun resort.

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