Riding the High-Dose Biotin Train for Progressive MS

Riding the High-Dose Biotin Train for Progressive MS


I knew of no available treatment options for my Primary Progressive MS, so when I heard about the pure High Dose Biotin Protocol I jumped on board!

The protocol, created by MedDay in France, revolves around the vitamin Biotin (aka, vitamin B7 or H). It is recommended that the patient take 300 MG of pure Biotin per day. The clinical trial, called MS-SPI, involved 154 people with Primary Progressive MS or Secondary Progressive MS . The patients either received the Biotin pill or a placebo over 48 weeks.

The results showed that 12.6% of those given the high-dose Biotin showed improvement in disability on either the EDSS (Expanded Disability Status Scale) score or a timed walk. None of those on the placebo had improvement. There were no serious side effects noted (high-dose Biotin was also tested in relapsing and progressive MS patients with fixed visual loss in the MS-ON study). An article on both trials is available through this link.

For me, this was great news!

I discussed the Biotin protocol with my primary doctor and my neurologist, and they did not have any objections, so I started the protocol on March 9, 2016, and I have been following it for the last 5½ months.

For the first couple of months, I suffered from headaches. I usually don’t have headaches, so I knew that it was most likely from the Biotin. I have since learned that with Biotin you need to drink lots of water. Since I started doing that, the headaches have decreased greatly.

Also, I noticed the cramps and spasticity were increasing in my legs. It was extremely painful!

Now, I feel that my leg cramps and spasms are slowly improving.

I was also starting to have pain in my spine before the protocol, and now the pain is completely gone. I am able to walk a little better and have a little more energy. Not a lot more, but I will take anything I can get!

The only downside I attribute to the high-dose Biotin is that I occasionally have terrible heartburn that I didn’t have before. Hopefully, that will disappear over time.

Is Biotin the help I am looking for? I’m not sure, but at this moment it is the only option I have and it seems to be helping! I am encouraged, and on the horizon there is even more promise for PPMS.

In 2017, the drug ocrelizumab (Ocrevus, Roche) may very well make its appearance. With it comes the claims of possibly halting the progression of PPMS.

Also, HCST (hematopoietic stem cell transplants) are very exciting, with the clinical trial results stating that it could be the first MS therapy to reverse disability! There are risks with each treatment, but do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Definitely more research for me to do, but I am very optimistic of what the future holds in the world of MS research and treatment!

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  1. Roy Apuzzo says:

    Had a Neurology MS Doctor write me the prescription but can not find any pharmacy to fill at reasonable price. They say @ $500/month for 100mg tablet 3 times per day. Way too expensive for the average MS patient.
    Would love to try since have progressive MS with back and leg pain and paralyzes.
    Please advise

    • rick mclellan says:

      Hi Roy my wife has progressive MS and is taking biotin 100mg three times a day, not sure where you are located but she is getting it from a pharmacy in Old Bridge NJ website is http://www.highdosebiotin.net . they ship i believe UPS. they are terrific, nice and very helpful. not sure of the price, but no where near $500. very very reasonable.

      • Roy Apuzzo says:

        I will look into it.
        I live in Las Vegas, NV.
        Any other supplements she takes for progressive MS and how is all of them working to solve any of her disability condition.
        I have a lesion on left side of Brain and lesions on C and T Spine causing me to have my right leg to be paralyzed.
        Neurology Doctor Dr. Kinkel at UCSD prescribed this medication.

        • Joyce Papi says:

          Roy, Dr. Kinkel was my doctor in Boston until he moved out west. Loved him! Tell him Joyce Papi says hi and I, too am taking biotin since last October. Also, I take the powder because it is cheaper than the capsules. This website has cost info on the capsules posted somewhere, not sure where though. Good luck!

    • Debi Wilson says:

      There is a great group on Facebook, it is called Biotin for progressive MS. They also have an instruction page that tells everything about the protocol. They also answer questions it’s a very good group.
      It is pretty inexpensive to make the capsules yourself and they explain all of that on their instruction page.
      Wishing you the best thanks for your comments!

      • Roy Apuzzo says:

        Ed says:

        August 29, 2016 at 6:11 PM

        Debi: Thanks for the info: What do you thinks about buying capsules for $50.00 per month instead of pure bulk powder?

        Roy, join the “Biotin For Progressive MS” Facebook group. There are currently 6 suppliers if the correct 100mg Biotin capsules, and the cost per month can be as low as $50.00 per month.

    • Ed says:

      Roy, join the “Biotin For Progressive MS” Facebook group. There are currently 6 suppliers if the correct 100mg Biotin capsules, and the cost per month can be as low as $50.00 per month.

    • Lynn says:


      I’m using Kings Compound Pharma in Irvine, California, their great. They’ll ship anywhere in the US, their charge is $135 for 300mg for a 30 supply. If you order a 2 or 3 or more month supply at one time he will discount. I’ve only been on the biotin for one month, can’t say if I feel a difference yet but I hope so. Good luck to you

      Kings (949) 387-0780

    • Jen says:

      I have been taking a relatively low dose (30mg) from beauty fuel very cheap from amazon, i have had amazing results with regard to fatigue and pain, plus my hair, skin and nails are better than ever.
      Id say try the highest dose you can afford and give it a gentle test. Good luck xxx

      • Tim Bossie says:

        Hi Jen… that’s great you’re having success with biotin! Thank you for sharing your experience and how you’re doing.

    • SM Crites says:

      I just ordered biotin 100 mg capsules for 59.95 for 90. They haven’t come yet. I’m taking this on my own without my doctors ok. My doctor says if she gives the diagnosis of PPMS my insurance will stop paying for treatment since they don’t cover experimental drugs and NO treatment has been approved. I take ms meds but have gotten much worse. Do you continue with MS meds or only biotin?

    • Krystal says:

      That’s a lot of money for it, this Friday March 31st I’m getting my first bottle of Biotin at the vitamin shop 300mg for $50 try any vitamin shop around you, if not in stock ask if they can order it.

    • Julia Carter says:

      Bulk Supplements is where my doc sent me, you WILL need a pharmacuidical scale.
      I paid about $40 for 25 gr this will last 90 days as you will need to only take 300mg the only way to measure it correctly is with a pharmaceutical scale. I bought the Gemini-20 for about $25. My doctor also recommended taking 1200mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid with food.
      All together my purchase was about $125 and everything was on Amazon.
      I have never had the need to measure anything in mcg or even grams so this has been a new experience for me.

    • Kristin says:

      I buy from Amazon. $31.95 a bottle. Just search high dose Biotin 100 mg. It’s been working great for me, good luck

    • Debi Wilson says:

      I take 100 MG pure Biotin capsules 3 x a day. It has to be pure not the 1%. The biotin for progressive MS page on Facebook explains it all. Thanks for your question!

  2. Barbara Kidder says:

    Thank you for your ‘update’ article on Biotin.
    You also mention Ocrelizumab. Some people who have been following the development of drugs for PPMS believe that it is almost identical to Retuximab, which will be losing its patent soon and will not be cost effective for its maker.
    What do you think about this?

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Thanks for your comments and question Barb,
      I didn’t mention Retuximab
      for the reason you mentioned. As far as Ocrelizumab is concerned and the similarities to Retuximab I choose to remain optimistic. We will have to wait and see.
      Do you have PPMS, if so what are you trying anything now?

  3. Peggy Sacco says:

    Thank you soso much
    for your post. From the
    very beginning I was
    diagnosed with PPMS
    in 2001.
    I had no idea of this drug.
    It is so encouraging for
    me to read the post from
    others with PPMS.
    I will join the FB site and
    not feel alone. Don’t know
    anyone else with PPMS.
    Gratefully yours,

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Hi Peggy,
      I am so glad you are going to join the FB Group! It is very comforting to hear what others all over the world are saying about their PPMS. You can ask questions and you are definitely not alone!
      Thank-you for your comments!

  4. Constance Chevalier says:

    Hi Debi. I also have PPMS and have been taking the pure biotin powder for over a year, no problems. I use all helpful info from the fb site as well. Thanks for the article.

  5. brett says:

    hi all

    when looking at your supplements make sure you do some homework and maths.
    most of them list the active ingredient in micrograms, not milligrams. so 1000 microgram’s of active ingredient is only 1 mg.
    Meddays product is 300milligrams of active ingredient, so 300000 micrograms.
    I struggled to find a commercial product that had more than 20000 micrograms of actual biotin

  6. Hi! I’m JoAnne and have been diagnosed with SPMS in about 2010. I was originally DX’d in 1987. I have been in a clinical trial @ UCLA for SPMS taking IBUDILAST, but it’s a Phase II, double-blind study and I don’t know if I’ve had the real thing.it will be revealed in the first quarter of 2017. I’m glad to know about this supplement and will research it.Thanks.

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Great, definitely check with your doctors first. Plus The Biotin for progressive MS group on Facebook is a great resource for instruction and information! Thanks for your comments good luck to you!

  7. Anthony says:

    Hi, does anyone know if the Biotin supplements from Johnson Compounding and Wellness in Massachusetts is pure? Their other name is Natural Creations Pharmacy. And any other opinions on the Biotin from this store? Thank you!

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Hi Anthony
      It’s probably best to just call the company you’re interested in and ask about their product to make sure. Biotin from the store is usually just 1% and not pure.
      Thanks for your comments !

      • Anthony says:

        Thank you for your reply Debi. I was just wondering what you meant by it cannot be 1%? And do you think the capsules that are 1% are not as helpful? Thanks!!

  8. Harry Crawford says:

    This is a new option that I plan to try. As far as stem cell treatment in this country, good luck. The FDA will suppress this as long as possible due to the damage it would do to big pharmaceutical companies. Doesn’t matter how much it would help those of us with MS or any other disease this would help. Many other countries have done this treatment for 10 years plus with awesome results. But why would the FDA take their trial and treatment information for their own information, that would be entirely to inexpensive and smart. The FDA should be called the national pharmaceutical advocate organization.

  9. daan says:

    Hi guys!
    Even if MedDay is based in Francem did anyone bought Biotin in the EU? I’m currently taking 5000 MCG supplements, which is a joke compared to 300 MG. I’m in Europe and nobody seems to give 300MG of Biotin for human use, dogs are ok.

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Hi Daan! I know The primary progressive MS for Biotin Group on Facebook has lots of European users of High Dose Biotin. That would be a good resource for you. Thanks for your comments.

  10. Phil Longford says:

    Hi Debi
    I am keen to try anything that might help with PPMS. Is there any problem with using other suppliments,or might they even inhibit the biotins from working? Taking a selection of Baclofen, (muscle relaxant), Vitamin D, Q10, Sea Kelp, Pomegranate extract, B Complex. Anything else worth trying?

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Hi Phil,
      The Facebook group has tons of information. They can answer your questions better than I.
      Thanks for your comments! Debi

  11. Ellen says:

    Hi Deb. My husband has PPMS and has been in a wheelchair for 15 years. He takes bovine myelin, 5000 D, and other supplements. I am awaiting stem cell tx which seems too far off in this country, and am going to try the biotin. Is your “pure” biotin the same as the D-biotin in the study? I have a compound pharmacy ready to make this pharmaceutical grade, D-biotin in 100 mg capsules and sell it to us for $219 for a 90-day supply. I went to the 100 mg to incrementally get to 300 mg since my husband is sensitive to most things which is why none of the MS drugs have helped and only hurt him. I will join the FB page later today, thanks for pointing it out.

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Hi Ellen,
      Yes pure Biotin is the D-Biotin from the study. I am glad you are joining the group, there is lots of information there! Thanks for your comments! Debi

    • Sharon says:

      Allergy ResearchGroup sels HiBiotin. 90 Hypoallergenic pills of 100mg each. Cost ranges from $33-$50 on Amazon. I just nuy more than one bottle when the price i low.

  12. Ellen says:

    Does anyone on here take any B-cell or T-cell support by Ecological Formulas? If there is no support, or change to the current process of demyelination and destruction by the immune system, how can we keep those cells from destroying any regeneration of myelin and continuing the cycle of destruction? Won’t we be in the same boat if we don’t reset the immune system? Thanks.

  13. Margaret says:

    Nov 2016, after my 4th round of Rituxan for MS, I had a toxic reaction. After 8 days in hospital for double pneumonia, acute Respiratory failure and sepsis, all the test pointed to my RITUXN TX.

    After my slow recovery, I got a second opinion as to treatment since I ran through all other treatments for PPMS.
    The MS specialist suggested pure Biotin 300mg/day.

    I have been taking Biotin 300mg/day. I purchased Natural Creations 100mg/90 caps pure biotin from AMAZON.
    (Dr. gave me this link) https://www.amazon.com/High-Dose-Biotin-100mg-000mcg/dp/B016IRQTSU
    Now, I understand I could use a compound parmancy, but even my Dr. said to just buy the powder (pharmacy cost $2.99-$700!!)
    So, right now I’ll do the caps ($60/90/day) and then I’ll make my own.
    It’s only been 2/wks since I started Biotin, so I don’t see much difference yet.
    MS DX 2013
    PPMS DX 2016
    Take care all.

  14. sheila frank says:

    I am a RR MS going into 2nd ary PP at age 70+ demale, I am on 3.mg LDN,a gluten free diet for 40 years and almost feel normal. I started 300 mg Biotin November 1915 after reading French research info. Also at that time I had a botched wisdom tooth removal that resulted in my tongue being sewed down injuring the nerve along the edge and losing the taste on that side. Also I felt optic neuritis returning to my right eye. 1.5 year later I can now taste and the encroaching MS symptoms have receded slowly.

  15. Heather says:

    Excellent informative article! I have had HSCT three years ago and I am looking into options to help repair damage now that my disease has been stopped.

  16. I take 3 1000 mcg a day having great tesults till i had problems it had calcium in pills cant take i found the vegan ones on amazon blue bonnet for ten bucks my nuero recommend this dosage and my energy was awesome cant wait to get pills from amazon..totally vegan…been down since had to stop the ones with calcium..

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