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'In 1982 John Connor was a stand up, sketch writer & journalist - crap at all three he decided whilst watching a man performing with a paper bag on his head that as nobody else was going to write about stand up he would'. 'Comics' Papermac 1990. In 2009 John Connor was diagnosed with MS. In 2017 John Connor still produces/directs his own live 27 year old resident topical comedy show at London's Comedy Store - 'The Cutting Edge'. He was also a leading UK Casting Director specialising in comedy - including one of the hippest shows 'Black Books' [double BAFTA winning Situation Comedy Award] & for at least a decade the biggest sitcom on British TV 'My Family'. TV & MS was a step too far - and we know how hard any step can be. Luckily his satirical show was a built in part time job & with the election of Trump is now in the zeitgeist. John now writes "Fall Down Get Up Again" - an irreverent journey with MS.