Using Balloons to Increase Blood Flow from Brain Fails to Help MS Patients, Trial Finds

Using Balloons to Increase Blood Flow from Brain Fails to Help MS Patients, Trial Finds

Angioplasty “did not increase the proportion of patients with RRMS who improved on the functional composite measure compared with the sham procedure [the other procedure] over the 12-month follow-up,” researchers wrote. “Nor did it significantly reduce the appearance of new combined brain lesions on MRI at 0 to 12 months. Expanded Disability Status Scale disability measures were stable and similar between the groups at 12 months, matching the composite functional outcome. The annualized relapse rate was also similar between the groups.”

The results prompted the team to conclude that angioplasty “has proven to be a safe but largely ineffective technique; the treatment cannot be recommended in patients with MS.”



  1. Rosanne Costain says:

    I was part of this study locally. It did not cure my MS, what it did was reduce the sensitivity in my hands and legs, cleared a lot of my “brain fog” stopped my slurring of words and improved my balance.
    What I wish I could get is venaplasty on the other side.
    I was happy to be involved with this study, as I was with other studies that produced no results.
    I have now “aged out” of volunteering for other studies otherwise I wouild be very glad to do so.

    • Per West says:

      Of course it works. Why should MS-patients be the only ones who’s not responding positive to a healthy bloodflow.
      Only corruptive neurologists can claim, that this is not the case.
      One year they claimed, that the lympnodes was not present in our brain.
      It is obvious, that they do not know anything about MS, other that there is plenty of money to collect by not trying to learn about the disease.

  2. Edward Robak says:

    I had my CCSVI treatment in Poland in 2010. My fatigue, balance and autonomic functions improved greatly and have stayed improved. However, unlike most patients, I had a stent implanted. I believe that the stenoses in most people who only had ballooning done snapped back into place. That doesn’t mean that CCSVI treatment doesn’t work, it means that, for those people that could benefit from it, using stents should be considered.

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