How the ReWalk Program is Helping Patients Walk Again

Being diagnosed with a serious and complex disease such as multiple sclerosis can be a very complicated thing to deal with. After you get your diagnosis, you might start wondering what your life will be like, if your life will change and how you’ll have to adapt with your new health condition.

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Unfortunately, MS affects several parts of the body including your legs, and can limit your walking ability. In this ReWalk by ReWalk Robotics video, learn more about how Argo Medical Technologies wants to fundamentally change your health and life experiences.

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  1. Elyse Brown says:

    I’m in a wheelchair because of having secondary MS. I also have a blood disorder called Polycythemia Vera. I would love to have a devise that would help me walk again. It would benefit both diseases and make me more independent!

  2. John Rush says:

    I submitted my comment yesterday and it was not posted. Why did the moderator censor my comment? The Rewalk is not made for patients with MS – per the FAQ on the company website. Why are you posting a link to three year old product video for a product the company itself says is not for MS patients?

    • Ed Tobias says:

      Hi John,

      I just happened to see this comment and thought that I’d jump in with some FYI info.

      I was looking into the Rewalk system several weeks ago. At the time their PR person told me that a small trail that included some MS patients was underway at the Harvard Wyss Institute. She also told me that a lager trial with MS patients is being planned but a start date for it has not yet been determined.

      I plan to write a column about Rewalk if that larger trial actually gets underway and does include MS folks.

      The MS Wire

  3. Helen Manzano says:

    Hello I’m a 58 year old female,was diagnosed in 2011 with ppms, I am in wheelchair looking for any kind of help to walk again..

  4. Vicki Spooner says:

    My husband has PPMS and is wheelchair confined. Only 50 years old. Walked about 2 years ago with a walker. Would love to find something that would help walk again!

  5. Shannon says:

    I am a 43 yr old female. I have had MS for 14 yrs. I would love to try anything that would help me be able to walk better with my 5 yr old son.

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