Is MS Making You Itchy?

Living with MS is no walk in the park. Besides all the symptoms that patients endure, there are also side effects that are caused by treatments and external factors. One of those side effects is often feeling itchy.
Dulci Hill is a multiple sclerosis patient who deals with itching due to the disease. To help ease that side effect, Hill highlights some of her best tips for taking care of the annoying itch, including apple cider vinegar and water.

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  1. jim nixon says:

    I am a 63yr old male, been diagnosed with MS about 2yrs ago. I suffer from a terrible itch caused by Chronic Psoriasis. Was prescribed Phototherapy 3 times a week but alas developed extreme prickly heat. I was told to sunbathe instead,not an easy task as I live in N/E Scotland. Any suggestions?

  2. Julie Mulzer says:

    Thank you for this valuable info! My 29 yr old daughter gets itchy all over. She insists on taking a couple antihistamines tho that rarely makes it all go away. We’ve always used vinegar for itchy bug bites. The ph of the itchy venom is neutralized by vinegar. My mom used to rinse my hair with vinegar when I was little. I always thought ppl would call me pickle head. No one knew. I’m going to suggest this vinegar treatment for Andrea next time I see her. It’s always worked w bug bites.
    Oh, btw, I’ve a no fail cure for hiccups. Take a teaspoon of worchester sauce. If you wish you can follow it w some milk to put out the fire. This has ALWAYS WORKED. Pass it on. Hiccups suck. ?

  3. Suzy Fivecoat says:

    Dulci, I have the most terrible itchy scalp too but NEVER realized it could me MS-related. I eagerly welcome your apple cider vinegar suggestion BUT I have a question: Since I am almost 70, I need to color-treat my hair. Will the vinegar take my color out?

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