How MS Helped Me Embrace Living in the Present

How MS Helped Me Embrace Living in the Present

Faith of the Mustard Seed
My multiple sclerosis (MS) brings fatigue, pain, and instability into my life, but surprisingly, it also makes me more aware of my life and surroundings. For me, that means being more aware in the present moment and focusing on the good in my life right now. Living in the moment encourages me to avoid dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Since being diagnosed with MS, I have become increasingly aware of how drastically life slows down when you have a chronic illness. My MS symptoms have forced me to prioritize which tasks are the most important to complete daily. Time management has become a necessity in scheduling my day so I don’t get exhausted. Pushing myself too much and becoming exhausted means that I will need to allow myself at least two days to recuperate.

I have noticed that my faith in God has grown since my MS diagnosis. I have always had a strong faith, but in the past I would try to rush God’s plans and follow my own agenda. Now I pray and wait with my MS and my husband’s cancer; it is all in God’s hands. Nothing is in my control. I see much better results when I “let go and let God,” and practice patience.

Another welcome discovery has been learning that I am stronger than I thought I was. I have a lot to deal with right now and I am still here. I pray and take it one day at a time. I don’t look too far into the future because no one knows what it holds. I feel I can attempt anything that is physically possible for me. I will not let this disease hold me back and ruin my quality of life.

Living with adversity also allows me see the positives in life rather than focus on the negatives. Being disabled opens me up to being vulnerable and needing help at times. That vulnerability allows me to see kindnesses first-hand. When doors are too heavy to open, or things are out of my reach, I am quite often greeted with a friendly smile and someone offering to help me. I am made aware every day that there is still good in the world.

Yes, multiple sclerosis is a terrible disease; it comes with pain, debilitation, and a lower quality of life. But I know now that I can take whatever it deals me.

I have faith, I am strong, and I can still see the good around me. Nothing can take those away from me.


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  1. Vicki Alexander says:

    Your story was very inspiring, I also have MS but MS does not have me. I stay prayed up, and keep on pushing forward. Thanks for your uplifting story.
    Your MS sister
    Vicki Alexander

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Thank-you Vicki, I am glad you were inspired by my column! Thank-you also, for the term MS sister I like that! Debi

  2. Cathy B. says:

    Beautifully written from your heart! Like so many of us, no, you don’t know how strong you are until you battle MS or any other chronic disease or illness. Then you remember, the Lord gives you what He knows you can handle. Thanks for sharing your words, it’s uplifting and helps me handle what I’ve been given. So good to know we are not alone!


    you are a great inspiration to all who are fighting this disease and any other one…this is truly how we feel but at times we just forget to remember these wise words that we can do anything if we just take it slow and enjoy the ride …thank you for such a wonderful inspirational reading for all us to read to help with holding our heads high for yes we can do this and still live a wonderful life…again thank you..

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Thank-you Madeline! Your kind words mean a lot to me! You and people like you inspire me! To know we are not alone and just a few keystrokes away is amazing!:) Debi

  4. Jp Dhanoa says:

    So inspiring… I’ve reread this several times this morning, shared this article with so many people, Facebook and tweeted… I’ve been up for only a few hours lol

    .im so happy that,I’ve found, in words, how I’ve been trying to lead my life…. MS really allows you to slow down and start to appreciate life. Priorities change…

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Thank-you so much JP! I am so happy you were inspired by my column! I appreciate you sharing it also!

  5. Cheri Lynn Smith says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your column. I have had MS for about 30 years, and without God’s grace and presence in my life it would not have been possible.

  6. Teresa Wright-Johnson says:

    Hi Debi,
    Thanks for this beautiful column! Your words resonated with me. Continue to keep the faith and thanks for encouraging and inspiring.You are appreciated.

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