Could Muscle Twitches Be a Symptom of MS?

In an article for Living Well, Julia Stachowiak talks about muscle twitches and whether or not they’re a symptom of multiple sclerosis (MS).

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Muscle twitches (or fasciculations) are a common symptom in other neurodegenerative diseases, particularly amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It seems that many people living with MS also experience the same twitches from time to time in various parts of the body.

Stachowiak says that after extensive research she couldn’t find a link between fasciculations and multiple sclerosis, but based on her own experience and the experiences of others with MS, she still believes there is one.

A brief look at some of the internet forums used by the MS community would suggest that others also experience regular muscle twitching and believe it’s a symptom of MS.

A user named Chueykooh raised the subject on, sharing how frustrating his calf twitches can be. Others on the forum said they could relate, also experiencing twitching leg muscles. On, a user named Emma1 shared her experience with regular calf fasciculations, while other users described twitches on their legs, eyes, and other parts of the body. The topic is also discussed on, where users talk about leg, arm and stomach twitching and some of the medications they’ve been prescribed to help with the symptom.

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    • Tim Bossie says:

      We are glad that you are not bothered by the twitches in your legs and face. Although, I have to say that I would be greatly bothered by any on my face. How do you cope with them?

  1. Jess says:

    Hahaha my face ones only comes when I get stressed out like trying to get my kids to school and they aren’t listening lol it happens for a minute and you can’t even see it. But I can feel it a little. 100 Percent some kind of twiching comes from MS. I just want people not to stress when reading this article saying ALS. It’s NOT. I know of ten other MS friends who have it too!!! Thank goodness we have medications now!! Thank goodness we live in 2017!!!! Living with MS can be somewhat normal ???

    • Tim Bossie says:

      Great comment Jess. You’re right… MS can be somewhat normal when we know others are dealing with the same issues and problems we are. 🙂

  2. Candace says:

    It’s probably not the same thing at all, but at times I feel like something in my ear twitches. I hear a mild popping sound, and whichever ear it’s in, right or left, that side of my face will draw up slightly. I have MS and have just choices this up to being weird.

    • Lisa Hayes-burt says:

      I produce an abundance of wax. And if I yawn or tighten my facal muscles.
      I have most of my de- mylenation in my brain. Also, I have some trigeminal nerve pain. I believe that the popping could be produced by a brain short circuit.

  3. len says:

    I’ve had twitches since I was a kid, pre teen. I still have them today in my mid 50’s. I was diagnosed in 1996 with RRMS. I know it in my heart that this is a symptom of MS and that I was showing signs of MS at that age. I’m used to them and they don’t bother me.

  4. Linda says:

    I have the stomach twitches and most of the time accompanied with diarrhea. It happen years ago. I lost a lot of weight because I would eat and then the twitches would start, then off to bathroom I go.
    Fast foward 15yrs and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. My doctor says it caused by the ms.
    In class last monday it was so loud other people could hear it. As I lay in bed, right now my stomach is jumping around as if a baby is in there. I’m almost 55 so no more babies.
    So it’s very annoying feeling especially when it sending you to the bathroom constantly.

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