15 Signs That Confirm You’re Definitely a Spoonie

13. The happyspoonieproject.nl sees some positives in being a spoonie and attributes her newfound love of crochet, knitting, and blogging to being a spoonie.

14. Having other people dismiss your illness and symptoms seems to be a common experience for spoonies, as fibromyalgiatreatmentgroup.com notes.

15. Pain is all too common for spoonies. Jackie Plumley tells But You Don’t Look Sick that she wakes each morning wondering what part of her body will hurt today?

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  1. Cyn Doyle says:

    yes…yes…yes….didn,t know there was a name for it…..just thought I was lazy. I have to plan my whole day around taking a shower. My dog loves that I am a ”spoonie”…..he gets to sit on my lap more [ since I have to sit down so much and have no energy ]

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