15 Signs That Confirm You’re Definitely a Spoonie

7. See your doctor more than your friends and family? This is Kisha Fleet’s definition of a spoonie for But You Don’t Look Sick.

8. Abodyofhope.com knows she’s a spoonie because she knows all the local pharmacists by their first names.

9. According to Linda Boyce, one sure-fire way to know you’re a spoonie is if your pill box is bigger than your lunch box.

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10. To-do lists are rarely finished, in fact as Canna Yamamoto says, you’re lucky if you can tick one thing off your list each day.

11. Budgeting energy is the theme of spoonies, Vicki Blank says she needs to budget hers just to take a shower.

12. Katie Cupcake knows she’s a spoonie because some days she considers brushing her teeth an achievement.

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  1. Cyn Doyle says:

    yes…yes…yes….didn,t know there was a name for it…..just thought I was lazy. I have to plan my whole day around taking a shower. My dog loves that I am a ”spoonie”…..he gets to sit on my lap more [ since I have to sit down so much and have no energy ]

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