5 Factors That Could Increase Your Autoimmune Disease Risk

It’s estimated that around 24 million people in American suffer from one autoimmune disease or another (often more than one). While the exact cause for most autoimmune diseases is unknown, there are certain aspects which may increase your risk of an autoimmune condition.

We’ve listed five risk factors that are most associated with autoimmune diseases with help from prevention.com.

Family History

If a close member of your family has an autoimmune disease like lupus or multiple sclerosis, then this increases your risk of also developing one. You may not necessarily develop the same autoimmune disease as your mother or grandfather, but you will be at a higher risk of developing one of the hundreds of different autoimmune diseases.

Your Partner Has Celiac Disease

This may seem strange that your partner’s problem with gluten could somehow affect your immune system, but it’s likely that you may both have been exposed to the same environmental factors which could trigger both celiac disease and an autoimmune disease.

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