#MSAwarenessMonth: Do You Know About the MS Iceberg?

Multiple sclerosis is often a confusing disease to others, since very few of the symptoms MS patients experience are visible to others. This “iceberg” effect means that many are misunderstood and their suffering vastly underestimated.

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What is the tip of the MS iceberg (i.e., the symptoms of multiple sclerosis that people see)?

Some of the obvious symptoms people notice in MS patients tend to be difficulty walking, tremors, problems with speech and maybe that they tend to scratch themselves a lot.

But what about all the unseen symptoms lurking beneath the surface?

For MS patients, there are far more invisible symptoms than visible ones. A few of the more common symptoms include fatigue, pain, numbness, spasticity, problems with vision, dizziness and vertigo, bladder issues, cognitive problems, emotional changes, and difficulties in breathing and swallowing.

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