Researchers Test Medical Cannabis as Treatment for MS-Linked Neuropathic Pain

Researchers Test Medical Cannabis as Treatment for MS-Linked Neuropathic Pain

Canadian researchers are testing mice to see if cannabinoid oil products — a common medical marijuana treatment — could help alleviate the neuropathic pain that often afflicts patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).

The preclinical study, “Identifying the molecular mechanisms involved in supressing multiple sclerosis induced neuropathic pain following cannabinoid treatment in an animal model of multiple sclerosis (MS),” is a joint effort between CanniMed Therapeutics and researchers at Canada’s University of Manitoba. Its results may help to support clinical testing of cannabinoid oil products in MS patients with chronic pain.

Researchers, operating with an $80,000 CDN (about $61,000) grant from CanniMed, will use a mouse model of MS-associated neuropathic pain to test the analgesic effect of two CanniMed oil products. One is CanniMed 10:10, which has an equal concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol); the other is CanniMed 1:20, which contains only CBD.

The study aims not only to determine if the drugs improve neuropathic pain in the mouse model, but also to uncover the molecular mechanisms they use to exert their beneficial effect.

“This research endeavor will be the first pre-clinical scientific validation to identifying the direct molecular mechanisms of action of herbal medical cannabis oils and their direct potential impact on neuropathic pain for MS patients,” team leader Michael Namaka, PhD, said in a news release.

“With CanniMed’s ability to supply consistent, quality-controlled and pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis oils for this trial, we are confident that our outcomes will be standardized and provide us with direction on how cannabis oil will also respond in the patient population,” Namaka added.

The study’s preliminary results have shed some light on the way such products work, but final results will likely be published later this year.

“CanniMed is committed to working with leading physicians and researchers across Canada and around the world in the effort of identifying the potential impact of medical cannabis in supporting symptom management of a number of medical conditions,” said Brent Zettl, CanniMed’s president and CEO. “Research endeavors like this one will build upon the expanding library of pre-clinical and clinical research in order to demonstrate to patients, physicians, regulatory groups and governments that medical cannabis is an important therapeutic option.”


  1. Thubten says:

    It would be easier,cheaper,and far more meaning full to do this study on actual ms patients.This mouse model is really useless

  2. Jazmin Michalik says:

    More studies need to be done on Patients with MS. I am 20 years old was diagnoised last year after giving birth. I had constant headaches, body aches and muscle spasms. There was a time I was taking 4 (Prescribed pills) and multi-vitamins! My husband informed me about Medical Cannabis. Now I am down to only taking 1 pill, “Gilenya,” and the use of Cannabis. I slowly went back to doing my normal stuff working out, going out, and most importantly being more independent. I think if more studies are done, more people will be open to the idea. The more people like me try out new ways, the more we will get ahead of this nasty condition. Good luck! And if you find the cure let me know. XOX

  3. Grampa says:

    I am 64 years old with 34 lesions and tons of pain. Cannabinoid oil came to the rescue about a year ago. I do not smoke, never have, I use the oil in an olive oil base as a lotion on my head and the bottom of my feet. Nothing has helped until I started this. I have had terrible MS pain for decades and the pharmaceutical approach did not work. I just had tysabri #51 and that helps with spasticity and minimizing relapses but not the neurapathy pain.My experience is not clinical, just anecdotal but I know how much this has helped me, do not wait for medical science and/or the legislators just test this out for yourselves.

  4. Cannabis certainly has a lot of medical benefits, pain relief being one of the most popular. I’ve read about all those cannabis patients success stories and hopefully, there will be more studies like this… and more qualifying conditions to be added as this could be a life-changing drug.

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