26 Tips to Help Manage Common MS Symptoms

9. Bowel and bladder control issues

Your bladder is another part of your body that you may start having issues with. Urinary incontinence is pretty common among MS patients, and here’s what you can do about it:

•    Consider limiting caffeine and alcohol, which can be bladder irritants. However, cutting back on your fluids can cause further complications. Try strategically planning your fluid intake based on your schedule. For example, drink more during the times of day when you are home or close to a bathroom.
•    Try to urinate every two hours to help train your bladder and avoid drinking too much after dinner to limit trips to the bathroom throughout the night.
•    Aim to drink enough water to keep your urine light yellow.

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  1. The headline promised 3 tips to use when telling people you have MS. However the article then introduced many other factors about MS – plus lots of ads. I find this to be “a scam” that is not not at all honest and truly a waste of time. I would expect better from you.

    • Tim Bossie says:

      The actual title of the post is “26 Tips to Help Manage Common MS Symptoms”. Maybe you clicked on the wrong link?

      • Linda says:

        I also clicked on a link that talked about three symptoms… trying to scroll through on an I-phone I just kept having ads pop up … so gave up! You maybe need to consider the cognitive side of MS – multitasking and too many distractions don’t work well.

    • Joseph Ferroni says:

      how about saying to someone interested “I am a little slow, and clumsy, but you will see these problems do not define me!

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