GeneFo Partners with MitoQ to Offer Energy Supplement at Discount to MS Community

GeneFo Partners with MitoQ to Offer Energy Supplement at Discount to MS Community

GeneFo, a social-medical community that connects patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and offers free in-house medical consulting, recently announced a partnership with MitoQ, a New Zealand-based company focused on mitochondrial health. MitoQ is a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant supplement that may help to alleviate common symptoms in MS.

MS, a chronic disease of the central nervous system, is associated with the formation of focal myelin loss and progressive neurodegeneration. Recent evidence indicates that defects in the mitochondria, as well as mitochondrial structural and functional changes, may contribute to disease development and progression.

Scientists studying the role of mitochondria in MS believe that mitochondrial defects impact cellular pathways to cause such processes as inflammation and demyelination, leading to MS symptoms. (Mitochondria produce energy in cells through a process of cellular respiration.)

In a recent review, “Inflammation, Iron, Energy Failure, and Oxidative Stress in the Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis,” published in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, Dr. Lukas Haider at the Medical University of Vienna wrote, “Recent data indicate that mitochondrial injury and subsequent energy failure are key factors in the induction of demyelination and neurodegeneration.”

The brain accounts for about 20 percent of the total basal oxygen consumption of mitochondria. Brain cells are susceptible to oxidative stress, which has been found to induce mitochondrial injury in patients with MS and energy failure in the central nervous system of susceptible individuals. Without properly functioning mitochondria, brain cells cannot thrive. For this reason, mitochondria-targeted antioxidants such as MitoQ aim to address oxidative stress by decreasing mitochondrial oxidative damage.

MitoQ is reported to help reduce fatigue, improve brain function, and decrease muscle exhaustion, as reported by patients, according to a news release provided by GeneFo to Multiple Sclerosis News Today: “ Within the first month of use, I noticed an improvement in energy. I was less foggy and was able to get through the day without being so tired. It also helped with my cognitive function and was a little bit clearer.”

Through the collaboration between GeneFo and MitoQ, MS patients are being offered a 20 percent discount on the retail price of the supplement.

“The partnership with MitoQ is not a commercial one, and GeneFo is not to gain any revenue from it. Rather, our motivation, as a medical platform, is to highlight resources/products that could benefit our Multiple Sclerosis community, and secure it for the lowest price possible,” Adi Bein, a vice president at GeneFo, said. “With MitoQ, we have repeatedly heard from both patients and researchers that the product seems to help patients with energy, mobility, and mental functions — so it was really important for us to try help our patients have easier financial access to the product, and we hope this exclusive 20% reduction off retail prices comes in handy for community members.”

For more information about this collaboration, the GeneFo Multiple Sclerosis community, and how to obtain the exclusive discount on MitoQ, please visit this link and sign up for free.


  1. Sadie says:

    I am wondering if this is considered an immune booster? I was told by my doctor not to take anything that boost the immune system. I would like to try this but don’t want to do any harm to my system. Don’t the ms therapies supress the immune system? So would this work against treatment? I have been on tysabri for eight years and it is doing wonders for me. I have had ms for 22 years and would love to add this to my other supplements if safe to do so.

  2. Benjamin Evans says:

    I’ve been taking this product for about two years with great results for my energy level. I used to take Tysabri and the doctor’s office was required to ask me if I had taken any steroids or other immune stimulating drugs before each treatment. There was a greater risk of getting the deadly PML with those drugs and Tysabri. This supplement is perfectly fine to take with Tysabri.

  3. Howard Kramer says:

    Followed the link in this article to obtain information about the 20% discount for MitoQ. After signing up to the GeneFo site I see no details about obtaining the discount. Seems a little misleading. I did leave a message on their site about the discount.

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