#CONy16 – 10 Typical Portuguese Things You Should Know

Portugal is a country full of charm, surrounded by sea, full of golden beaches, sun, and warm-natured people. All Portuguese cities are amazing in their own way, but let’s talk about the capital, Lisbon!

For those who have never visited this fantastic city before, you’ll be amazed.  For returning visitors, you’ll already know all about its magic. Lisbon has a golden light that each day, whether summer or winter, sprays its hues over the white city buildings, or plunges into the dark blue of the Tagus river (Rio Tejo).

Also famous in Lisbon are the seven hills. Seven hills full of narrow and beautiful streets, where you can stroll to discover the secrets of this ancient town lying along the waters.

But aside from the colors and the hills, there are many other incredible things you should be aware of about Lisbon and Portugal in general. Here are some facts about Portuguese culture we want to share with you:

1. Calçada Portuguesa (Portuguese Pavement)


Traditional Portuguese pavements (cobblestone) are a historical heritage of the Roman culture, which was imposed in Portugal in the fourteenth century during the reign of D. João II. Most of the streets in downtown Lisbon are paved with basalt, where beautiful sidewalks are integrated with stunning pavement designs, making Lisbon a reference for this kind of pavement art.

The Portuguese pavement as we know it, was originated in 1842 at S. Jorge Castle in Lisbon by the vision of its governor, Lieutenant General Cândido Pinheiro Eusébio Furtado.

Source: Roc2c

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  1. Lisa Scroggins says:

    I so enjoyed your details about Portugal! I studied the Portuguese language many years ago (albeit the Brazilian form), and have always hoped to travel to both Portugal and Brazil. Reading your post has inspired me to research traveling to both places with a disability. Obrigada!

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