Stem Cells and Multiple Sclerosis at #ACTRIMS2016

The ACTRIMS Forum is a great initiative that gives researchers and clinicians in the MS field the opportunity to learn about new discoveries in the pathogenesis and management of the disease from world-renowned experts.

In this MSWorld video, Dr. Daniel Kantor talks with Dr. Michael Racke, Professor of Neurology and Neurosciences at Ohio State University about stem cells and multiple sclerosis, and how this treatment option can be used to help patients with MS.

Read more on how progression of some forms of MS can be halted with stem cells treatment.

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  1. Susan Schroder says:

    What you are not hearing here is that these scam stem cell treatments don’t involve chemotherapy. Real HSCT is happening and available in Russia, Germany, Mexico, Israel, and a few more countries.
    Not all of us in the US can qualify for a clinical trial, and I for one am now in my late 50’s and considered too old.
    I encourage people interested in HSCT to do their research and become more informed.
    I did, and am looking forward to treatment in Clinica Ruiz, in Puebla Mexico.

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