How Dr. Terry Wahls Fights Multiple Sclerosis with Nutrition

In this TEDx Talk listen to Dr. Terry Wahl’s personal experience on how to “fuel her body.”

“Using the lessons she learned at the sub-cellular level, she used diet to help her multiple sclerosis and get out of her wheelchair.”

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  1. Shasha says:

    I missed taking 2000mg of fish oil recently due to it being on a different shelf in my refrigerator and my MS was starting to kick in. I missed 5000mcg of biotin once for 1 1/2 months and my MS started to kick in. Fish oil lowers inflammation and thins blood/helps the brain which is made out of that kind of fat and raises oxygen. Biotin raises circulation/oxygen. I need to be on a strict Celiac diet/protocol…can’t cheat or miss things if I want to be ok. I am rebuilding my gut lining daily so it absorbs nutrients to rebuild cells daily to work right to burn oxygen. It takes me 1 1/2 months to heal my gut lining from microscopic hidden gluten. 100% no gluten (wheat/barley/rye…oats may act like gluten with avenin) dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…vitamins/good oils/minerals….probiotic…LDN..detoxing is needed. Any food with a label/certified gluten free/nuts not sold in the shell/meat basting/some spices…lotions/makeup/tea bags etc may have hidden gluten. Eating pure foods/Celiac diet/Paleo diet (no grains)/Asian style help me. Meat/saturated fat (coconut oil)/monounsaturated fat (olive oil)/flax…clog my blood vessels. Heated oils/dehydrated food hurts me…clogs my blood vessels. 80% of people may not convert flax into what is in fish oil. Each person is different in what they can eat and what supplements they need. I still need supplements since rice may cross react with gluten and hurt me. LDN may help block hidden gluten and heal the gut lining. LDN is cheap ~$1 a day and only side effect is to drink more water. LDN gives me energy/helps my liver/adrenals/gut lining/eyes and helps every cell of my brain/body. 100% gluten free/GMO free/antibiotic free/Lyme free helps heal my gut lining so nutrients absorb. Best wishes.

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