The Future of Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Patients Relies on Clinical Trial Participation

The Future of Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Patients Relies on Clinical Trial Participation

Among the different therapeutic approaches being explored for treating MS, adult stem cell therapy continues to be one of the most discussed and anticipated in the MS community. “Stem cells” — the common term for undifferentiated, self-renewing proliferating cells — are currently being investigated for their ability to treat patients in a wide range of disease indications, including multiple sclerosis, due to their ability to reboot the immune system, address inflammation in the body and repair damage caused by injury or disease. For MS, some researchers believe that stem cell therapy can effectively repair damaged myelin, preventing the progression of the disease and minimizing its effect on patients’ quality of life.

Stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis begins with the introduction of adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) taken from the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) — the fatty material that is removed in procedures such as lipsosuction — which is processed and reintroduced back into the body. From there, these MSCs are believed to be able to travel past the blood brain barrier and repair the myelin sheath around nerve cells that becomes damaged by the immune system in MS in a process known as “remyelination.” In addition, stem cells also act as modulators of the immune system in patients with multiple sclerosis, as MSCs secrete cytokines and other molecules that can have an anti-inflammatory effect or produce an inhibitory action on pro-inflammatory pathways. Since MS is an autoimmune disease, if stem cell therapy is proven to restore normal function to the immune system as well as repair damaged myelin, it would represent a revolutionary, next generation approach to treating the disease.

Clinical Trials Testing Stem Cell Therapy For MS

While stem cell therapy is currently available to patients seeking therapeutic alternatives for treating MS where traditional prescribed therapies have failed, the treatment is still being studied, particularly with respect to how effective the therapy is in improving quality of life for patients, and how to best deliver stem cells back into the body. StemGenex, a company that is committed to advancing stem cell therapy for a wide range of disease, is currently managing several clinical studies one of which is for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. ”Outcomes Data of Adipose Stem Cells to Treat Multiple Sclerosis” aims to recruit 100 patients between the ages of 18 and 65 years old to particulate in the study. Recruited participants will be treated with a stem cell concentrate derived from their own adult adipose (fat) tissue, or the stromal vascular fraction (SVF).

Researching clinicians administer a customized treatment that may include: intravenous drip, intra nasal administration, bladder catheterization, or direct site injections. The locations in the body receiving the cells are the areas in most need of immunomodulatory stem cells to help repair damage. When the cells are in the patient’s body, they disperse into adjacent tissue, differentiate into mature cells of the surrounding tissue, secrete immunomodulatory growth factors, and/or attract blood vessel growth. In the case of MS, stem cells’ ability to differentiate into mature cells that may repair myelin as well as stabilize the immune system is what researchers believe can positively impact quality of life for patients as well as slow down disease progression.

For the present clinical studies, to determine if there is a benefit to receiving a “dose” of SVF, research clinicians will monitor patients for a variety of outcome measures. Primarily, StemGenex is interested in observing a change in overall quality of life over a twelve-month period following treatment at baseline. During this twelve-month period, patients will be assessed for quality of life changes at times of one, three, six, and twelve months following treatment using the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Inventory (MSQLI). According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, this inventory is composed of ten separate rating scales that assess everything from feelings of fatigue to sexual satisfaction and can be completed entirely by the patient in approximately 30-45 minutes. The change in score from each individual rating scale during the twelve-month period is a separate secondary outcome measure in the study.

The Need For MS Clinical Trial Participation

In spite of recent therapeutic advancements, there are still major unmet medical needs for those with multiple sclerosis. While improved disease modifying drugs continue to delay the progression of the relapsing forms of the disease, most patients continue to suffer from worsening symptoms, and can eventually develop secondary progressive MS, for which there are no FDA approved therapies. In many cases, MS patients have few if any options when it comes to conventional therapy, making the exploration of alternative treatment options such as stem cell therapy critically important to helping those living with the disease.

Stem Cell therapy is a different approach from taking a prescribed medicine — its success depends on patients’ willingness to try the therapy themselves and allow investigators to optimize it for the best results possible. Those who participate are given early access to a treatment that could potentially improve their condition. In addition, their participation makes it possible for researchers to accelerate development of novel therapies. In this way, the future of stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis and whether it is fully developed into a mainstream treatment option for those with MS depends upon clinical studies that confirm its effectiveness.

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  1. LYNNE HEAL says:


    • Rob says:

      Lynne, best not to get bogged down in professional societies and their “helpline” staff! Stay focused on the great potential of MSC’s…very interesting technology and not just some vague distant theory!

    • Louise Evans says:

      Lynne I have been on a adult stem cell trial I say it works to a point I still in wheelchair but have better upper body strength. After 18 months

    • Faylinn says:

      Trevor, it looks like this type of stem cell therapy is in the beginning stages. My best friend has MS and she is very hopeful about this. Stem cell research has come a long ways in recent years and is helping many medical conditions and so I am sure that eventually this type of treatment will be something that many people like yourself are doing.

    • Blessings says:

      This is so early to tell the chances of this getting approved are very low being in the stage it;’s in.I use to invest in companies like this in the stock market and have ms myself.I have 100% faith in God that there will be something approved soon.Theres already drugs like aimspro an sf19 that reverse damage an i personally taken, Aims[pro is available in England but expensive

  2. Angela says:

    There are legit studies, in cities like Chicago with Dr. Burt; Denver with Dr. Nash, and Seattle with Dr. Georges. Those are legit medical studies for HSCT. What stemGenex offer is a rip-off compared to these studies. Companies like StemGenex prey on people with MS and other autoimmune conditions. Do your research thoroughly before embarking upon any treatment.

    • Trina says:

      Angela MSC is a legitimate treatment. This is a clinical study through Stem Genex. It may not offer the halting of the disease like HSCT does. Dr. Slavin at CTCI in Tel Aviv uses this after HSCT is performed.

      • Eliza says:

        I have a friend who is currently working with Dr. Slavin. As for StemGenex, I have undergone several treatments with them for my issues, MS is not one of them, but know of others who have had successful results. It seems, and I totally understand the negative response, however, do your research and you will find that they are not a scam. People who think clinical trials are the fix it all, have a lot to learn. I myself, have been rejected from US clinical trials so where does that leave any hope of a future?

    • ally g says:

      That’s exactly right Angela,any sort of symptom relief that you might get from one of this company’s ‘stem cell treatments’ is only temporary and is just giving most people a placebo effect . There are many legitimate facilities around the world that offer the real deal.

      • Eliza says:

        Ally, I completely disagree with your statement. You have your right to opinion. However, have you undergone treatment? Do you suffer from this dreaded disease or one similar? I am amazed at how fast people jump at the opportunity to throw negative comments on something they have no knowledge of. Now, I do not suffer from MS, I have multiple autoimmune afflictions and I will tell you that I am not experiencing “placebo” effects!!! I have 5 years of lab work results and two doctors who are now believers in the potential of stem cells. Our doctors are being trained and programmed to poo-poo any treatment/potential cures that may cut into big pharma money making. Think about it?? Yes, there is fraud out there, there always has been, always will be. That is where we, as patients/caregivers must be diligent. Each one of us is different, our disease process is also different, our results may not be as the guy next to us, but … without clinical trials to document what is, and what is not, we will never know. I can play devils advocate too, but I am a firm believer, as are those closest to me, that without my stem cell treatments (Yes, by StemGenex) I would NOT be here today!!!

        • Eu Franc says:

          Eliza is correct. I have undergone treatment as well at StemGenex so I can speak to it first hand. My condition is an auto-immune condition and I HAVE AN IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE. Each month I feel better and better and continue to reduce the need for toxic drugs in my body. The side effects from the drugs I was taking were killing me. Now my joints are repairing themselves. It’s truly amazing–and it beats what my doctors were saying: “Oh, you can only expect to get worse and you cannot ever improve”. So, not only did the train wreck stop, I am mending. I LOVE STEM CELLS and I LOVE STEMGENEX.

          There are many studies all around the world supporting the use of stem cells for many different conditions. You must give it a look. I have spend hundreds of hours in the pursuit of information and was very sure going in that I made the right choice choosing stem cell treatment and choosing StemGenex. I am for ever in debt to Dr. Lallande and the clinical team at StemGenex. They truly care. I correspond constantly with them and have asked questions after treatment and they are always there for me. They don’t want anything else but for me to feel better with each passing day.

          There are many clinics opening up for stem cell treatment and many doctors adding it to their arsenal of tools. There is sound reason for this and many studies to support it. Unfortunately, because of FDA and other regulations, that will hold this process up.

          When and if you get desperate enough like I did or mad at the doctors that all they want is to keep you on their gravy train by making you come back every three months and “here’s your pile of pills that will kill you anyway”–then you might hit Google and check it out.

          I hope this helps you or anyone. It is terrible being sick and options, especially those that reverse, make better or even cure disease are miracles.

          STEMGENEX….thank you!

          I believe we can choose to roll over and accept and make excuses or we can empower ourselves and get our lives back. What will it be for you?

          • Maria says:

            Thnk you for this expansive and helpful comment. I have had MS for 6 years and been on interferon injections which have worked fairly well till the past 6 months and now my condition and particularly balance and walking have deteriorated.
            There has been recent TV publicity about the benefits of stem cell treatment for MS in a documentary.
            The treatment is not yet available on the National Health Service ( I live in the UK) so I’m looking to re-mortgage the house and have it privately elsewhere.
            Many thanks for your positive narration.

        • Kristen M. says:

          Great comment!! I like you have researched, and double researched every possible stem cell treatment. I, like you, choose StemGenex. I am proud to be one of their patients, and part of the MS clinical trial. The professionalism, care, and genuine interest in helping me achieve heath thru their stem cell treatment is amazing!! My family and I are so grateful for the LASTING BENEFITS I have had from my Stem Cells from StemGenex. I look at it as a treatment, not a cure, and hope that my positive results will help to continue further research.

        • Jan says:

          I am just over a week post treatment and my drop foot I have been dragging for years is gone! I’ll take it! What a huge difference in my life!

      • Harvey Isom says:

        Have you had Stem Cell Therapy at Stemgenex?? I have and I feel great, I had my treatment over 3 months ago, and still have no pain in shoulder’s knees and back. This treatment work’s differently on everybody and so as I was curious about the others that were going into treatment with me I kept in touch, especially those with MS. I have witnessed others that were totally immobile and are walking the next day and continue to improve just as I have over the last 3 months. My wife, secretary and business partner have also had therapy and they are all also doing great, feel great, have more energy and no pain. Negative responses are not just useless they have no facts to back them up. Opinions are opinions, facts are facts, and ignorance is not bliss!

        • David Uherek says:

          Read your comments. Thinking of stem treatment. Great to see it is working for you. Question. Do you have knowledge of any other sites that speak positively of SC treatment. ?? Do you know of any other blog sites that discuss folks that had good results with stem cell treatment? I am just looking for some more positive stories in regard to this considering many people suffer through this. I guess I would expect a couple of hundred success stories, however, I haven’t come across this yet. Maybe I am checking the wrong place?? Thanks for any other information.

    • NormaWalker says:

      It’s always easy to make claims without backing them up. What evidence do you have that stemgenex is a “scam”? I think everyone is tired of blatant statements that have nothing to back them up.

  3. kristen m. says:

    Hello All:)
    I was Diagnosed PPMS in 2007, I had Stem Cell tx at STEM Genex!!
    I went from being an over medicated,brain fogged, felt like crap 24-7 to no meds! Feel Awesome! My brain has no fog! I drive, i have teenage kids! I’m a happy limpy ms mom:)
    Also, my MRI’s have shown no new lesions in 4.5 years!! relize, it’s hard to reverse major damage–i still limp,but my DR. had me in a wheelchair within 5 years! GRRRR.
    so that being said…I LOVE STEM Genex and my stem cells!

  4. Warren says:

    3 years and 3 months without a relapse. The best part is NO DRUGS! There is hope out there, you just need to decide what’s best for you. I was able to put away my cane and abandon my search for a scooter.

    • Eu Franc says:

      Yeah. I definitely have abandoned looking for a scooter too! I no longer need ice packs all night just to get through the pain in the evenings.

  5. ally g says:

    When are you going to start giving HSCT more coverage ? Instead of paying attention to Broeska & his Stemgenex BS ? Hmmm ?

    • Harvey R. Isom says:

      Hey Ally why don’t you take your negative attitude and leave. I have personally been through stem cell therapy with StemGenex. I have also put through 3-other people. What have you done?

  6. First of All, I am a product of StemGenex and it was one of the best decisions of my life! In 2013, I was diagnosed with RRMS and had paralysis on the right side of my body and double vision in the left eye. I was fatigued and suffered with deep depression always. I was taking copaxone a $4000 drug a month with a 30% efficacy rate to prevent more relapses from happening. I had an allergic reaction, and all drugs after that had side effects that seemed worse than my disease itself. Stem cell therapy was my only option. I went to Stem Genex after doing my due diligence—because yes there are a lot of cheaper, less tested, less experienced companies out there that could come across as scams–and maybe they are. But when I met the owner of stem Genex-an autoimmune disease sufferer herself, she was living proof that her product works because she stopped her progression dead in its tracks with HER stem cell treatment procedure which is highly advanced not to mention her team of top-notch euridites at her side are the kindest and most amazing people. Her passion to help others and sympathize with them made me choose that company, and I’m so glad I did, because I am completely symptom free and now have a 5 month old baby girl! I was so enamored with my results I wrote a song about it (ms survivor puts her story in a song on YouTube) and created a website in order to help raise money for stem cell research and its validity. Don’t knock what you haven’t done yourself. Scams fall apart, when the light of truth is shone on them. And since I’ve left Stem Genex they’ve expanded 10 fold. It must be working or doing something right–like giving people’s quality of life back. Cause that’s exactly what it has done for me.

  7. Silvy says:

    HSCT and MSC are both researched stem cell treatment for MS, but completely different therapies.
    Both still in FDA studies:
    High active MS = HSCT (Chemo+autologues stem cells)
    Progressive MS better MSC = Mesechymal stem cells, autologues from bone marrow or fat tissue, allogenes from umbilical cord or tissue

  8. Janice Kirkbride says:

    Broeska is nothing at all to do with StemGenex. He is not even a doctor. The hospital in India has now washed their hands of him! I was treated at StemGenex only 3 weeks ago. They are very professional and I have nothing but praise for them. I have already seen improvements and it is 25 years since diagnosis!

    • Surjit says:

      I am ms patient suffering for last 18 years. I am on wheel chair and cant stand or walk. I am leading a very desperate life can you help me please send your mail address i want to get information regarding stem cells please mail me…..

    • Dave Uherek says:

      Janice, I am also considering this treatment for the future. After reading your statement, I assume that I am at the same spot in my journey with this. I was diagnosed over 22 years ago. It is now the time for me to consider this type of treatment, so my question is this. Are you still experiencing good results? I would like to briefly discuss your results if possible. Please let me know the best method. Thanks. Dave

  9. Michele G says:

    I’m here today because of the incredible treatment and professional doctors and nurses that cared for me at StemGenex. I was dianosed with Lupus. I had my reservation up to the day of the treatment. My treatment took place in August 2015 and have had such a tremendous turn around in my diagnosis as well as my quality of life. I don’t think anyone understand the words Quality of Life until they are faced with the pain and meds that tears their life upside down. As a newbie to this new found life I thank StemGenex and my Family for supporting me through this positive life changing event.

    Articles will always be written with opinion but until you walk in the shoes and experience the treatment first hand that’s when you have the right to speak results and experience.

    • Eliza says:

      Thanks Michelle, I couldn’t put it into words better. Shoes are for walking and so many have no clue what it is like to live with chronic disease of any kind or the challenges placed in the forefront, but are very quick to throw in a negative response to things they really don’t understand and never can until shoes are walked in and research is done. Best of luck with continued improved health!!

  10. Warren Hutson says:

    I am a Parkinson’s sufferer, and I had a stem cell treatment in December of 2011 at Stemgenex. The treatment and subsequent use of a Hyberbaric Oxygen Chamber and Aqua Hydration supplements have given me my life back. The people at Stemgenex have shared the latest information on Parkinson’s treatments without any solicitation of further stem cell treatments. I have been able to significantly reduce my use of prescribed medicines and have seen a dramatic reduction in my symptoms. Just like the medications prescribed by neurologists, some patients see good results, some fair, and some poor results from stem cell treatments. I feel that the people at Stemgenex have become my partner in my treatment of this disease.

  11. Georgi says:

    It saddens me to see negative comments here about stem cell therapy and Stemgenex especially from people who have never experienced it themselves… Since I have ACTUALLY HAD this therapy vs. just reading about it I can tell my experience. I have a different autoimmune condition, Rheumatoid Arthritis, but still know what it is to have your body turn on you and have nothing helped. Over the past 9 years I tried and failed 4 different pharmaceutical biologics (enbrel, humira, symponi, and orencia). I also tried several immunomodulators (MTX) and more oral and injectable steroids that I could keep track of. Out of desperation (at this point being in pain medication to function) I sought out alternative therapies which led me to Stemgenex in February 2015- earlier this year. The founder, Rita Alexander, has RA and is a pioneer in bringing this type of stem cell therapy to others. I live in Austin and flew to La Jolla for treatment which included a deep hip injection. Within 3 days after treatment my hip pain was gone, within 1 week I could see my knuckles for the first time in years, I also had my labs drawn post therapy one week and monthly for several months after to DOCUMENT the actual reduction in my white blood cell count, C- reactive protein, and ESR or Sed rate (all markers of disease/inflammation). All of these had steadily increased over the last year making me very sick and none of the therapies I was on, including steroids helped. It wasn’t placebo it was a real reduction in disease and inflammation that my labs prove and I felt. I tapered off all of my RA mess within 12 weeks of stem cell therapy. Except thyroid mess (taken 20+ years) and low dose hormones (perimenopausal) I am off all medication and with a 95% improvement in symptoms and quality of life. I followed the guidance post therapy (ie Paleo diet, no alcohol, vitamins) and it has now been 8 months and I have my life back! Everyone has a different experience and response but this is mine and I am an actual patient who had nothing but Thank You for Stemgenex for giving me my life back!

  12. Bill Winter says:

    I am a product of StemGenex Stem Cell treatment. I am currently 6 months post treatment and am very happy with results. I was using an opiate pain patch before treatment and was asked to remove it the day before. At this time I have never put one back on. I stand up straight most of the time now. My walking has gone from using 2 walking sticks and a walker to using a cane. My energy level is much higher and heat tolerance has been much better. I do follow Wahl’s protocol diet as much as I can. I also started LD Naltrexone one week ago and have already had added benefits from that. My quality of life has become much greater and at 57 years old I can now see the possibility of a descent retirement.

  13. Norma Walker says:

    The fact that God has built within his own creation the ability to heal itself is so novel to some people that they cannot even begin to conceive that the body can heal itself under the right circumstances. Stem cells are the safest treatment ever conceived. What can go wrong? It is you coming from you and going into you. How can anything go wrong? I have seen first hand miraculous events at Stemgenex. I saw a man get out of a wheelchair and walk. You don’t have to believe; you don’t have to participate. Instead, you can take your poisons and your pity and try to formulate a life worth living. But the choice to step out and TRY to cooperate with your Creator exists! Why would you not do this very thing? I can’t wait for my next treatment. I praise God every night for a chance to be free!

  14. MDBrous19 says:

    I do have MS, Secondary Progressive to be exact. I have had stem-cell therapy through StemGenex and what I can tell you one year later, is my quality of life is better. While I still walk with the assistance of a cane, I walk much faster and with more balance. My overall health has improved and I feel better than I have in a long time. The most significant change since my stem-cell therapy has been with my bladder. I went into this procedure with virtually uncontrollable leaking and daily embarrassing accidents in public. I would leak so bad in my sleep that I would awaken soaked like a 2 year-old. I can say with complete confidence that within 2 days of my stem-cell therapy I noticed a change in bladder function. As of today, I have not leaked while asleep for a year now and the only accidents I have now are my own fault. I went into StemGenex with the attitude that I would be 100% satisfied if I gained ANY relief with my bladder issues. Any changes with my gait, cognition, fatigue or numbness would be icing on the cake. Well the facts are I have gotten amazing relief with my bladder issues, I do walk better, I am stronger, I have better mental clarity and I have noticed feeling in my lower limbs that has been absent for several years. Thank you StemGenex and if you are wondering, Yes I would do it again and I plan to have a second stem-cell transfusion again as soon as I possibly can!


  15. Charlie C says:

    Yes, I am happy I went to STEMGENEX. I am a lot better. MS is a very damaging disease. It’s not just the disabilities that you can see. Even my neurologist says I’m’s not a scam.

  16. Kacey Leterski says:

    I had stem cell therapy in September, 2015. I feel like I have my life back. I can walk faster and more steady. I don’t used the electric motor cart at the grocery store. I walk!!! Stemgenex is an amazing place and I’ve never had such amazing care. All this negative feedback makes me sick. I’m off my MS meds and it’s only been a month! Stemgenex makes it perfectly clear it can take 8-12 months to see improvement. I’ve been there and done it! Have faith and listen to me!!! I love Stemgenex, worth every penny. Thank you and be blessed.

    • Shirlee says:

      Congratulations! I love reading successful stories from such a horrible condition. May I ask you … what were the costs that you had to contribute? I know it is expensive but, no one mentions the money involved. Trials are not usually charged but, in this case?
      Thank you and I hope you keep improving!

  17. Mark says:

    Everyone has to take a look at Ocata Therapeutics. They have stopped MS in animal trials along with multiple other auto-immune diseases. Its sad to see Dr. Lanza et al. put in all this work and have 100’s of patents/cures to diseases and get no coverage. Big Pharma has to wake up and fund these companies that have potential cures ASAP !

  18. Marky Mark says:

    I have a masters in molecular biology and I know the potential of autologous stems cells is incredible. However, let’s be clear on one thing: what’s going on at Stemgenex is NOT a clinical trial. They have a clinic, their work is based on research, and the science is wonderful. However, I called for information, because clinical trials are free, and was told treatment will cost me $15,000. Insurance won’t cover it. I was given info on how to start a Gofundme campaign. Is its worth it? Not the point of this post to judge, but let’s be clear—it’s a service NOT a clinical trial.

    • William says:

      Marky Mark, I think this point requires some clarification, your point about clinical trials is well taken but I believe the misunderstanding comes from the fact that studies are registered under which could be where the disconnect originates. StemGenex has five outcome studies registered with the NIH that you can find at these are for treatments that have been administered to monitor outcomes, the free “clinical” trials require half the patients to receive a double blind placebo which ethically is difficult to proceed with considering the amazing results that are being realized in today’s treatments, how could a company look someone in the eye knowing they didn’t provide actual treatment

  19. Greg J says:

    My experience with StemGenex has been very positive. Their entire staff was very competent and demonstrated genuine concern for my health. From the time that we arrived in San Diego we were treated with respect and professionalism. I was given ample opportunity to pull out of the procedure if I didn’t feel comfortable. Each of the doctors had read through my paperwork and knew my history and had familiarized themselves with my condition. Most doctors have never even heard of my MMN. I was told by StemGenex that they had never treated anyone with MMN and they did not know if it would help me. I decided that it was worth a try. I don’t understand the negative comments from people who obviously know nothing about stem cells or StemGenex. With my condition, Multifocal Motor Neuropathy or MMN, which is effecting my legs from the knees down, the doctors are guessing at how to help me, while referencing fairly small studies. First trying IVIG infusions every 4 weeks. I am aware of several people with my condition that were told by trusted doctors that they could fix their issues with back surgery. The problem not even being in the back. Easy mistake though when you look at someone who also happens to have a bad back. All the while the patients are no better while continuing to deteriorate all the while without a proper diagnosis. Doctors do not have all the answers, Misdiagnosis is not that uncommon. Don’t get me wrong, I do go to my doctor on a regular basis. By his own admission, he does not have all the answers.
    There is so much promise with stem cells that those of us who suffer from differing forms of autoimmune disease’s or other conditions consider stem cells a worthwhile option. My neurologist wants to start me on chemotherapy next. I have to admit, I’m not that desperate yet seeing as how the chemo treatment to hopefully ‘reboot’ my immune system can be brutal. With the odds being less then I would have hoped for. Stem Cells wont cure everything, but what does? So in my opinion, with stem cells showing so much promise with so little risk…why not? As a side note, I spent months looking into this before deciding to pull the trigger with StemGenex. Have not regretted my decision one bit!

  20. Harish S.Phaltankar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please suggest me,i am confused which medicine taken in Ms, so now i want to taken stem cells for this treatment

  21. Repeat Patient says:

    I agree with Greg J. I was extremely apprehensive the first time but the care is competent and professional. I’ve been back 4 times. There’s no magic in the world but I’m definitely better. For me, it works best for inflammation and neuropathy. Is it expensive? Of course it’s expensive. You can’t get it done at Walmart.

  22. Siaosi says:

    How long do trials go for. I was also wondering what are the percentages of it working on people in their 20’s. If it more successful on younger or older patients.

  23. Michael Schwinn says:

    How do I sign up to try and receive stem cell treatment. I would be willing to sign on for clinical testing. I was diagnosed with MS 18 years ago. I have used Beta seron, Rebif,Tysabri, Tecfidara, Gilyenia and am now on Rotuxin.I am 50 yrs old. It seems like nothing works, and some of the side effects are terrible. If somebody could email me information on stem cell treatments or how to contact STEMGENEX I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  24. janet says:

    Thank you for stating your experience.
    How can you possibly downplay a company that has helped so many????
    Did the people that recently testify at the FDA hearings all lie about their experience with StemGenex?
    Were they paid to take their time out of their lives and make up the stories of their recoveries?
    Some people who do recover care about helping others. Furthermore, not all people may need the extreme chemo before a transplant. Many act like it is essential as the air we breath, but somehow others are having successful transplants without it. Seriously, if it is as fraudulent as you say would StemGenex go in front of the FDA just a few short months ago???
    Let’s not throw something under the bus just because you think one way is correct.
    Advocate what you think is good and why.
    Talk to others that have had results from the places you are calling frauds. You just might open your mind to real possibilities of other’s having a chance.
    I am sorry to say but the Doctor’s you mentioned are not able to help all with MS. Ask the ones they have turned down.

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