Listen to MS News Today’s Exclusive Interview With Roche on Ocrelizumab

Dr. Peter Chin, a renowned neurologist and Principal Medical Director of Global Neuroscience Development at Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, participated in an exclusive interview with Multiple Sclerosis News Today correspondent Dr. Ana de Barros on the company’s promising multiple sclerosis (MS) therapy ocrelizumab.

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  1. Scott Dunaway says:

    I have aggressive PPMS
    Time is of the essence! Four years ago I knew of nothing wrong, today I can barely walk and have the energy of someone with the flu.There are four questions in life each one of us must ask. Origin, meaning, morality, destiny. Where do I come from? What gives life meaning? How do I separate right from wrong? What is the end of all of this? When you are looking for truth you must make sure that each one of these questions are answered.

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